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GF500-3000 Off-Grid Inverter - Powerful Energy Backing

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According to incomplete statistics, wholesale electricity prices in Europe have risen by 200% in the first nine months of 2021. Among them, in September this year, the Dutch electricity price reached 74.15 euros per MWh, four times higher than in March; the UK electricity price hit a record high of 183.84 euros. The Spanish electricity price has tripled since January. On October 7th, the price of electricity in Spain was 288.53 euros per MWh, an increase of 60 euros in one day, more than double the 120 euros at the beginning of September. It can be said that there is no most expensive, only more expensive. At the same time, oil and natural gas prices have recently soared to rare highs in many years. What is disturbing is that rising natural gas prices mean higher electricity prices. Faced with the rising electricity bills, self-sufficiency is imminent, and photovoltaic power generation is imperative.


GF series 500-3000W is the universal off-grid inverter power supply designed and manufactured by EAST, integrating latest research and development results and the customer’s actual application experience. It adopts advanced digital control technology, which effectively improves the product performance and system reliability. Moreover, it provides reliable power supply for miniaturized electrical equipment, such as the small network of financial system, small office IT equipment and the fan, illumination, TV, computer and refrigerator of residential users. 


The product has obtained EMC, LVD certification under the CE certification framework. The CE certification shows that the product is allowed to enter the European market, meets international standards. It can withstand the electromagnetic interference that may exist in the atmosphere, and will not cause electromagnetic interference to the atmosphere, which ensure safety in the use of low-voltage equipment.


The inverter and MPPT adopt high speed DSP digital control technology that effectively improves product performance and system reliability. The system radiator can regulate the fan speed intelligently with the device load and temperature, extending the service life of fan and reducing the noise around the device. In addition, the inverter integrates a variety of functions, such as AC input over/undervoltage, overload, short circuit, over temperature, battery undervoltage and battery overcharge protection to guarantee stable system operation.


Meanwhile, the wide input range make it easy to match small capacity generator. With high output power factor which is 1, it can be loaded over 20% more than conventional inverter. When mains power is not available, it can be started by battery to meet the requirement of emergency application. Also, it has strong load capacity to meet the use of impedance load, RCD (nonlinear), inductance load and capacitive load. Beside, we can view the status of the inverter and set multi-functions via the large LCD screen. Apart from the wall-mounted design for saving space, the IP21 enclosure isolate dust from outsideprotect finger or other solid that touch the terminal as well as ensure normal operation when dripping from vertical direction.


The below picture is a GF3000 off-grid inverter which installed in the home of a Sierra Leone customer. The loads of the inverter are household appliances and lighting equipment with the load capacity of 3300W. The system solves the problem of power shortage for the family.


Off-grid PV systems applied to 24-hours AMT machines in Africa:


Off-grid PV systems applied in family in Pakistan:


The GF500-3000 is a high quality inverter with stunning performance. Check the below link if you would like to know more details. Trust EAST will bring you satisfaction.

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