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Welcome to EAST Live Broadcast

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During Apr. 15 – 24, 2022, East will be active at online Canton Fair with 8 hours a day. It includes company introduction, corporate propagate video, chairman's speech, product introduction, corporate culture introduction, factory display, etc. Welcome to join us! Your interaction will be highly appreciated!

Now, let’s check the EAST Group page:


Begin with a propagate video and company profile, you will learn East more on our core business, innovative strength, project cases, quality control and culture. East Group is engaging in 3 strategic business sectors covering 5G+ smart energy(UPS/EPS power supply, 5G base station power supply, rail transit power supply), big data(cloud computing/edge computing data center, IT infrastructure), smart energy(photovoltaic inverters, wind energy converters and power generation systems, lithium batteries and energy storage systems, charging pile modules and systems, micro-grid network and smart distribution network), and is a provider of global digital industry and smart energy integrated solution.


Next, the main product we are displaying this time include:

●UPS(line interactive UPS, transformerless UPS, transformer-base UPS and modular UPS);

●Solar inverter(on-grid string inverters, off-grid inverters and hybrid bi-direction inverters)

●EV charger(AC chargers, DC chargers with single or 2 or even 3 guns which AC CCS and DC CCS and DC CHAdeMO are combined in a charger pile)


Continue to pay attention to our live broadcast will also see our factory show at Beijing time zone 4 pm on the 23rd April, let us show you our R & D and production strength. Take actions and seize the chance to join us! Whoever joins us at any time will be warmly welcomed and appreciated.


Clicking on the link for the live booth entrance:


Please send email to eastups@eastups.com if you have any question.

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