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UPS Solution for Financial Industry


Owing to the characteristics of the financial industry, EAST's UPS solution for financial industry has realized effective protection of data room, monitoring platform, working platform, network communication equipment, ATM machine, etc. It provides reliable, efficient and energy-saving power supply protection, and helps the development of financial industry information.

System structure

System configuration includes high-end UPS (EA990 / 660 series), lead-acid batteries, battery cabinets, precision air conditioning, power distribution systems, monitoring systems, etc.



Ø  Multiple UPS load sharing, 1 + 1 redundancy, solve single point failure of power supply system, strong fault tolerance, high system reliability

Ø  Online maintenance, online expansion, high maintainability, and long system life

Ø  Flexible use of power distribution and strong load adaptability to meet the power requirements of single input and dual input

Ø  Perfect comprehensive monitoring platform for remote monitoring


With the development of the Internet, the financial system not only provides traditional service methods, but also moves towards a networked and paperless operation mode. The operations at data center, information center, clearing center, supervision center, etc., are using critical hardware equipment and information system. The data transmission can not have any errors. Even if only a few milliseconds power outage, it will cause Data errors and loss. In order to ensure the continuous, normal and efficient operation of the financial system network and the accuracy of information processing, its core equipment (communication equipment, servers, etc.) needs to have a stable and reliable uninterrupted power supply.

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