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Celebration - The 32nd Anniversary of the Founding of EAST Group

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August 16, 2021, the 32nd anniversary of EAST Group founding also is the 1st anniversary of the provincial state-owned enterprise Hengjian shareholding were held ceremoniously. All EAST members are happy and joyful for the future. The senior management and factory employees of EAST headquarters, post-doctoral research workstations, academician expert workstations, Xi’an R&D center, Nanjing R&D center and customer centers around the world participated in the celebration through on-site and remote connections.

At the ceremony, Professor He Simo, the founder and chairman of the board of directors of the group, reviewed the entrepreneurial journey in the past 32 years. He believed that todays brilliance was the result of everyones hard work and expressed his heartfelt gratitude. He pointed out that after 32 years of ups and downs, EAST Group has adhered to its original mission of “serving and strengthening the country by industry”, keeping up with global trends and national needs, Under the multiple empowerment of state-owned shareholder – Hengjian, relying on the core technology of power electronics, driven by innovation, new breakthroughs and achievements have been continuously made in the field of industrial digitalization and smart energy. The track is correct, the strategy is clear, and the prospects are promising.


The group founder and chairman of the Board of Directors professor He Simo delivered a speech

He said that in the future, EAST Group will continue to actively respond to the call of the country, focus on core business, improve products, services and coordination capabilities; in accordance with the concept of excellence, continue to improve technology sophistication and refined management of the enterprise; make full use of superior resources to form unique competitiveness and occupy market advantages; carry out technological innovation, management innovation and model innovation, cultivate new growth points, and strive to build a specialized, sophisticated, unique and new’ corporate brand with high-tech content, advanced equipment, complete management system and strong market competitiveness. To lead the development track of the digital industry and smart energy industry, we hope that all comrades-in-arms can keep up with the trend of the times, maintain positive energy, be brave to innovate, dedicate, and bravely take the burden of the industry, to achieve the repute of centurial enterprise, centurial brand, and make unremitting efforts for the groups goal of 100 billion yuan.


Mr. Yan Yinke, the executive vice president dispatched to East by the provincial state-owned Hengjian holding, delivered a speech on behalf of Hengjian Holdings. He listed the great achievements East made in the past 1 year in all respects with the multiple empowerment of Henjian Holdings. And President Chen Shuo reviewed and summarized the Group's operations in the first half of the year and put forward prospects.


EAST Group has always firmly established and practiced the distribution mechanism of more pay, more gain, created a strong atmosphere of affirming advanced, encouraging advanced, commending advanced, committed to cultivating first-class talents, establishing first-class teams, and building a century-old corporate brand. In order to thank many outstanding employees and teams for their contributions to the companys rapid and stable development over the years, this celebration also set up an awards ceremony.


Ceremony of awarding monthly outstanding employees (June, 2021)


Ceremony of awarding quarterly outstanding teams (2nd quarter in 2021)


Ceremony of awarding the ‘EAST Star’


Ceremony of awarding the representatives of employees who worked for East Group for more than 10 Years 


Ceremony of awarding the representative of employees who worked for East Group for more than 20 Years 

217A3958.jpgCeremony of awarding the representative of employees who worked for East Group for more than 30 Years

32 years of ups and downs, 32 years of spring and autumn! 32 years of brilliant glory, 32 years of struggle!

With this as a new starting point, EAST Group will continue to focus on the transformation of the digital industry and the construction of smart energy, strengthen technological innovation, cooperate with more outstanding companies around the world, and strive to build a world-class enterprise. EAST members will not forget the original aspiration, keep the mission in mind, have the grand vision of a century-old enterprise, pass on the history and compose new songs, and strive to make a brilliant chapter! 

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