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EAST 1500V Intel Li String Storage Converter Certified with CQC

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On October 9th, Li Keqiang, Premier of the State Council, presided over a meeting of the National Energy Commission, emphasizing the promotion of large-scale applications of advanced energy storage technologies and continuous enrichment of insurance tools for energy security.

On October 15th, EAST 1500V Intel Li smart string energy storage converter successfully obtained the CQC (China Quality Certification Center) certification. It is the first batch in China, which shows EAST’s R&D capability again.


EAST Intel Li Intelligent string energy storage converter and related solution

The storage converter is mainly used in large and middle-sized new energy power stations and grid-side energy storage system. This product has received much attention and recognition from market since its official release in August this year. It adapts modular design and high-efficiency three-level topology, covers full power section from 160kW to 1250kW, supports 1-8 battery cells access under separate control and mixing use of multi-specifications battery cells. With core power module IP65 high protection level design, it is adaptable to harsh environment. Friendly grid with multiple fault ride-through functions, it adapts to weak grid and supports black startup. The product also supports IEC61850, reaching 30ms full reactive power/100ms full active power extremely fast response.


Its worth mentioning that our R&D team invented a number of patents during the development process including current adaptive control technology under weak grid, load imbalance control under off-grid mode, on-grid load current compensation, adaptive control technology of grid phase-locked loop etc. These patents have laid a solid foundation for the company to build a world-class energy storage supplier.


EAST also uses this energy storage converter as the core to launch the Intel Li smart string full-scenario energy storage system solution. The program relies on the latest research and development results and application experience, and the system adopts a fully modular design, centralized intelligent control, decentralized and refined management. The solution perfectly integrates core equipment and digital technology, fully considers the characteristics of “agglomeration” and “dispersion”, integrates their respective advantages, and realizes the core values of “three highs”, “three zeros” and “three friendships” throughout the life cycle of the energy storage system. It is widely used in scenarios such as thermal power frequency modulation, new energy storage increase, grid-side energy storage and user-side energy storage, and is of great significance for improving power reliability, reducing costs and increasing efficiency, and promoting the development of new energy industries.


EAST energy storage products and related projects

Over the years, EAST has been closely following development trends at home and abroad, and continuously industrializing core technologies, forming a series of products and solutions such as UPS/EPS power supply, high-voltage DC power supply, data center, photovoltaic, energy storage, and battery swapping system. In terms of energy storage, focusing on the research and application of smart lithium battery energy storage systems and energy network system technologies, based on the needs of different scenarios including power source, grid network and loads, EAST developed typical energy storage system products and solutions which are applicable for power generation side, grid side, user side and PV-energy storage-charging multi-energy integrated use. In addition to the above-mentioned intelligent string-type full-scenario energy storage system solution, there are also 1000V distributed energy storage system solution, rack-mounted flexible configuration intelligent energy storage system, lithium energy storage UPS, lithium energy storage PV-energy storage-charging station, skid-mounted lithium energy storage station. They have been widely used in the construction of ecological cities and beautiful villages, and has achieved good social and economic benefits.

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