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EV charging solution for commercial


Commercial charging stations are mainly located in shopping malls, residential quarters, office buildings, entertainment centers, commercial areas, tourist attractions, etc., and are mostly built in shopping mall underground parking garages, residential community building parking lots, office building grounds or underground parking lots, commercial area grounds or underground parking lots, parking spots for tourist attractions, etc., providing charging services for passenger cars, taxis, online car-hailing, etc. The main feature of the charging station is that it is concentrated in the city center, and the appearance of the charging station needs to cater to the city appearance.

System structure

The charging station is equipped with AC charging piles and DC charging piles, including 7kVA, 30kw, 60kw; there are single-gun and double-gun, AC piles account for most, DC piles assist fast charging.

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Composition of charging station:

The charging station is composed of integrated chargers, high and low voltage power distribution, site layout design, monitoring video system and operation management system.

1) EV chargers: AC & DC charging piles, including 7kVA, 30kw, 60kw.

2) Power distribution: 0.4kV low voltage distribution box, low voltage cable, cable bridge.

3) Communication system: Combined with the charging station access system solution, the charging station is connected to the external network and the internal network by the means of optical fiber networking, network cable networking, and connected to charging pile operation management system through wireless router or optic fiber router.

4) Video surveillance system: cloud platform camera ball, camera gun.

5) Operation management system: operation, management & monitoring of charging station is displayed at cloud platform.

6)Fire protection system: The distance between the building and the parking space should meet the fire protection requirements, the design of the entrance and exit of the site should meet the evacuation requirements of the parking lot, and the station should be equipped with fire fighting sand, dry powder fire extinguisher and fire alarm system.


l  Increase business opportunity. Customers in business district may stay for longer thus increases the shopping basket while they charge their electric cars with straightforward parking facilities. Retail businesses benefit from EV charging stations. And Real estate get charging benefits.


l  Demonstrating environmental commitment and supporting brand values. Social responsibility is key for businesses today and enabling greener transport is a crucial part of that. EV charging at the workplace sends a clear and visible message about where the business stands with respect to reducing the environmental impact of its operations and personnel.


l  Improving efficiency and cutting costs. Electric charging points at work may make life easier for employees, reducing time spent seeking out where to charge. The employees fell valued which motivate them working with passion and more productivity.


l  Providing convenience for clients of office buildings. Clients make decisions about which companies to partner with on the basis of a wide range of factors – and convenience is one of the most important. EV charging stations on the premises will be attractive as clients can simply fill up with charge while attending a meeting or site visit.

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