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EA990RT G5 10-60kVA (3:3)

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  • High frequency on-line double conversion technology

  • Advanced dual-core DSP control technology and 3-level technology    

  • Active power factor correction (APFC), input power factor up to 0.99    

  • System efficiency is improved to 96%, energy saving rate is doubled     

  • Output power factor 1.0    

  • Dual input design, supporting independent bypass    

  • Advanced digital and parallel technology, providing higher reliability than single system    

  • Wide input voltage range    

  • 50 / 60 Hz auto-sensing frequency    

  • 50 / 60 Hz frequency conversion mode    

  • Work efficiency up to 98% in ECO mode    

  • Fan speed varies intelligently with load, reducing noise and extending its service life    

  • Conformal coating technology to make UPS operate in harsh environment for a long time    

  • Flexible battery configuration setting, selectable battery numbers: 32~ 40 pcs  

  • Digitally controlled charger (Max.20 A)    

  • Ability to switch on the UPS by battery in the absence of mains power (Cold start)    

  • Zero switching time for UPS power supply mode when the mains power is unstable, ensuring the output is uninterrupted    

  • Compact internal layout, small footprint    

  • 5 inches LCD colorful touch screen, friendly human & machine interface    

  • Powerful background software for parameters configuration and online upgrade   

  • Advanced multi-platform communication for UPS monitoring: RS232, USB, RS485, dry contacts, SNMP card, Wi-Fi card and GPRS card    

  • Linear derating in low voltage input, reducing battery discharging times, extending the service life of battery      

  • Intelligent battery management, automatic equalized and float charging control, charger dormancy control, improving the reliability of charger and extending the battery life

  • Effective hardware and software protection, robust self-diagnosis function, abundant event log for future check     

  • Standard RS232, USB, RS485, EPO, Dry contacts, Parallel port    

  • Optional SNMP card, WI-FI card, GPRS card, SMS alarms    

Rated voltage380 / 400 / 415 Vac (3Φ + N + PE)
Voltage range304~478Vac, full load
    228 V ~ 304 Vac, load decrease linearly according to the min phase   voltage 
Rated frequency50 / 60 Hz (auto-sensing)
Frequency range40 ~ 70 Hz
Power factor> 0.99    
Bypass voltage rangeSelectable, default -20%+15%
    Up limited: +10%, +15%, +20%, +25%;    Down limited: -10%,  -15%, -20%,   -30%,  -40%
Bypass frequency rangeSelectable, ±1Hz, ±3Hz, ±5Hz
Total harmonic distortion (THDi)<3% (full linear load)
Bypass overload125%: Long term operation; 125%~130%: 10min;   130%~150%: 1min;
    150%~400%: 1s; >400%, less than 200ms  
Rated voltage380 / 400 / 415 Vac (3Φ + N + PE)
Voltage regulation±1% (full linear load) 
FrequencySynchronized with utility in mains mode, 50 /   60Hz ±0.1% in battery mode
Power factor1
Total harmonic distortion (THDv)<1% (full linear load); <3% (full   non-linear load according to IEC/EN62040-3)
Crest factor3:1
Overload <110%, 60min; 110%~125%,10min;   125%~150%,1min; >150%, 200ms
DC voltage ±240VDC(selectable, 32 - 40pcs)
Charging   current10 A max15A20A
Charger voltage precision1%
Recharge   timeLong time model: depend on the capacity of battery
Efficiency95% Max96% Max
Transfer time0 ms
Max. number of   parallel connections4
ProtectionsShort-circuit, overload, overtemperature, battery low voltage,   overvoltage, undervoltage and fan failure
CommunicationsSandard: RS232, USB, RS485, EPO, Dry contacts, Parallel   port
    Optional: SNMP card, WI-FI card, GPRS card, SMS alarms
DisplayLED + 5 inches LCD touch screen
Operating temperature0 ~ 40
Storage temperature-40~70
Relative humidity0 95% (non-condensing)
Altitude<1000m, load derated 1% per 100m from 1000 2000m
IP ratingIP 20
Noise level at 1m<60dB<65dB
(W × D × H) (mm)
 440*660*130    440*750*130440*730*130440*800*130
Packaged dimensions
(W × D × H) (mm)
Net weight (kg)2224293339
Gross weight (kg)2426313642
  • S means standard model, H means long time model.    

  • All specifications are subject to change without notice.    

  • Custom-made specifications are acceptable.    

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