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Solar Solution for Residential


EAST’s PV system for residential typically includes solar panels, inverter, electricity meter, switchboard and utility grid. Solar Panels are usually placed on a household’s roof to absorb energy from the sun. The panels convert solar energy into Direct Current electricity (DC electricity) then feed into the inverter. The Inverter is sometimes referred to as the brain of a solar system. It’s role is to convert the energy received by the solar array from Direct Current electricity (DC electricity) to Alternating Current electricity (AC electricity). This AC electricity is then fed into the switchboard, flowing through a household to operate appliances and the typical electricity needs of a home. The Electricity Meter calculates whether you have any excess electricity or if you require any extra electricity that your system has not been able to generate. If the solar system is not generating enough energy for a household to run, the electricity meter will detect this and will pull energy from the electricity grid as a second source of energy. In the instance you have excess energy, the system will send this energy to the electricity grid and the household will receive reimbursement in the form of a Feed-in Tariff on the electricity bill.

System structure

A PV system for residential typically includes solar panels, inverter, electricity meter, switchboard and utility grid. 



l  EAST adopts top brand solar panels with 25-year warranty.

l  The inverter is independently researched and developed by EAST, with 5 years and 10 years warranty for option. The inverter MPPT voltage range is wide so that the solar panels configuration is more flexible. It brings the system with simpler operation and maintenance, and longer system power generation time.

l  The supporting intelligent monitoring and management system is independently developed by EAST. It uses RS485 (WiFi, GPRS) communication methods to monitor the operating parameters and working status of the grid-connected power generation system in real time by APP.

l  East owns strong after-sales service capability. As a new energy 500 company, EAST has a qualified technical team and mature service network.

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