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UPS Solution for Medical Industry


EAST provides safe and reliable power supply solutions for the medical industry. In this solution, the medical precision equipment such as CT, MRI, CR, biochemical analyzers, monitoring equipment, the key information processing equipment such as data Servers, routers which involves patient files, medical records, as well as the daily work power supply of each department area of the hospital are supplied with high-quality power which rescues the critical equipment from damage against blackout and expands their life expectancy of in a long term.

System structure

System configuration includes high-end UPS (EA990 / 660 series), lead-acid batteries, battery cabinets, precision air conditioning, power distribution systems, monitoring systems, etc.



Ø  High quality power supply, stable and reliable

Ø  Multiple UPS distribute load equally, redundant design, strong fault tolerance

Ø  Flexible power distribution, easy expansion, and strong maintainability

Ø  Comprehensive monitoring and management platform for remote monitoring

Ø  Unified management of power system, easy to manage and maintain


The development of healthcare technology is changing rapidly, and various cutting-edge applications are almost everywhere. In the medical system, along with the development of information technology and the leap in intelligence, the application of uninterruptible power supply system has become more and more widespread. From the wearable technology to monitor the physical fitness of patients, to the innovative plan focused on improving the healthcare industry, from hospitals to clinics and various medical centers, the application is getting more and more popular.

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